Gemma Leys was born in The Hague, Holland, 25 November 1951.
Studied theatre at the Fine Art School in Utrecht, where she obtained a diploma.
Started to paint in Utrecht with a group of young painters.

1986 to Present

Relocated to Spain, living first in Asturias, where she started using various oil-painting techniques, then moved later to Seville, and the Canary Islands, before moving to Mallorca. It was here that her unique style of painting gradually ripened, and continues to evolve day by day. As from 2015 Gemma lives and works in Amsterdam.

Experimenting initially with several different techniques, she focussed particularly on the use of eggtempera, first with water, and finally with oil and pigments. Her work gradually became more abstract, and her colours attained an extraordinary translucence. Her paintings sometimes contain surprising symbols and forms. In other paintings she uses calligraphy to inscribe poems by Pablo Neruda.

She has travelled widely in New Zealand and South Africa, as well as Thailand, India, Nepal, and Indonesia. Traces left by her travel experiences are clearly visible in her artwork.