Born in The Hague, Holland, Gemma studied fine art in Utrecht before departing her country of birth to travel and develop her craft. She traveled extensively in New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, India, Nepal and Indonesia, but it was Spain that ultimately called to her and which has most informed and influenced her art. In Asturias in northern Spain she experimented with various oil-painting techniques before moving to Seville, the Canary Islands and finally Mallorca. It was on the island of Mallorca that her unique style came to full blossom, merging the use of intense color with poetry and light.

A technical as well as creative artist, Gemma is constantly experimenting with the combination of different materials, bases and framing techniques, always with the aim of creating something exceptional, something extraordinary. Stylistically, over time her work has become more abstract as she tries to capture the translucent essence of a feeling, a place, a moment in time. Imbedded in many of her works are often surprising forms and symbols. The exquisite poetry of Pablo Neruda – written out in calligraphy – features in many of her creations.

In 2015, Gemma returned to her country of birth, setting up her studio in the heart of Amsterdam. Her work continues to evolve, reflecting her own evolution as a person and an artist.